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This is your one stop shop; from complete ground-up restorations for your classic car, to just giving it a little TLC, Auto Glass & Upholstery are the ones to see. They will work within your budget. Everything is done in-house: Paint, Chrome, Upholstery, Glass and Weather-Stripping.

All Glass & Upholstery specializes in classic car restoration. It’s not enough just to restore an automobile’s exterior. The engine, mechanical parts and other car accessories must be refurbished as well. Upholstery and paneling are of particular importance in restoring the look and feel of a vintage roadster. All Glass & Upholstery has many years of experience with upholstery restoration.

Classic Car Restoration Is a Popular Hobby

Classic car restoration is an increasingly popular hobby. Car owners may appreciate the performance and durability of more modern makes and models, but there’s just something about the classic lines and timeless qualities of a vintage car that makes the true automobile lover’s heart sing.

Everyone smiles when they see a great old car out and about on the highway. Plus, there are a growing number of classic car clubs and classic car events where enthusiasts can show off their shiny new toy.

Classic car restoration, though, is always a complex and challenging undertaking. While some hobbyists prefer to do all or part of this work on their own, a growing number are taking advantage of All Glass and Upholstery’s expertise in this field. All Glass and Upholstery can work alone on a car, or work in tandem with the hobbyist restorer, taking over tasks the car owner doesn’t have the time or inclination to do.

How to Decide Which Cars to Restore

Just about every car is potentially restorable. Vintage car enthusiasts, however, are well advised to weigh the project carefully before bringing the car to All Glass and Upholstery or undertaking restoration on their own. Classic car restorations can be very expensive, depending upon the amount of work that needs to be done on the car and the number of replacement parts needed. The car’s resale value is directly proportional to the quality of the workmanship.

The Restoration Process

Car restoration isn’t one big job; it’s hundreds of small jobs. Generally, the internal work on the car engine and other parts is undertaken first. The exterior remodel, the part that most people think of when they think of restoring cars, is usually the very last process.

Restoring a classic car takes time. First, the car needs to be compared with photographs and factory specifications for the original model. These can take a while to track down.

Next, All Glass and Upholstery pressure washes the entire vintage vehicle to reveal any signs of rust or wear underneath layers of embedded oil and grime. The working parts are separated out from the parts that need to be replaced.

Then, the chassis is examined for gaps where body points and moldings don’t line up quite right. Fixing these gaps often involves cutting back edges and then carefully welding them back together so that there is no sign of warping. After the welding is done, excess materials are removed with micro grinding. Door hinges, catchers and strikers often need to be upgraded as well.

All Glass and Upholstery knows how to restore vintage automobiles to get them highway ready. The experts at All Glass and Upholstery supplement their encyclopedic knowledge of antique motors and bodies with extensive hands-on experience. All Glass and Upholstery fine-tunes and restores classic car engines, drive trains, fuel and exhaust systems, suspension and brake systems. It’s not enough for a vintage car to look great; it has to drive great too.

All Glass and Upholstery does maintenance work on vintage autos too, including upholstery restoration. Give that old car a new lease on life with All Glass and Upholstery.