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Finding the Right Upholstery Shop for Your Classic Car or Boat

by Jose Chavez

Upholstery is a part of a classic car or boat that usually needs attention every few years. If you drive your classic car around town a lot, then you will eventually wear the material down to where it needs to be replaced. The water and salt in the air can have a negative effect on […]

What to Look for in an Automotive Cleaner

by Jose Chavez

Cleaning a classic car is a bit different than cleaning a newer model. Classic cars have older interior and exterior elements, which means they require a gentle touch and the right supplies to get the job done. Everything from the cleaning supplies you choose to the way you clean your classic car matters, if you […]

Safety Considerations When Having Your Windshield Replaced

by Jose Chavez

A windshield is a windshield, right? The worst thing you can do is assume that your windshield is just a piece of glass that allows you to see where you are going. Your windshield not only protects you from the elements, but it is also a safety device that can prevent you from getting catapulted […]

Cloth or Leather: Determining the Best Upholstery for Your Classic Car

by Jose Chavez

A classic car should do more than look great on the outside; a well-constructed interior is just as important to the restoration process. But what kind of interior will best fit your classic car? There are a few factors you should consider. Budget Since the interior is sometimes the last part of the car to […]

Restorations on a Budget: Restoring Your Classic Car for Less Money

by Jose Chavez

The idea of restoring a classic car is attractive to many car owners, but most owners aren’t fully aware of a restoration’s budget needs. Some may have the idea that a good restoration needs to be a costly undertaking, but this is rarely the case if you know where to look. Working with a professional […]

How Long Can I Drive with a Cracked Window?

by Jose Chavez
windshield replacement

An errant bird or flying rock nicks your windshield and suddenly there’s a chip or a crack. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and there was nothing you could’ve done to prevent it. The damage is done, but it doesn’t look too bad, or does it? For driver and passenger safety, it’s […]

Bond with Your Teen through Classic Car Restoration

by Jose Chavez

When sophomore year begins, most teens have one goal in mind – getting a driver’s license. Learning to drive represents increased responsibility and freedom for teens, so it’s crucial that parents make purchasing and driving their first car a unique experience. If you cannot afford to buy your teen a new car, if you have […]

Most Challenging Aspects of Car Restoration

by Jose Chavez

When undertaking a restoration, there are many challenges to keep any car enthusiast engaged and excited about his or her project. However, some aspects of automobile restoration are more difficult than others, either because of their complexity or because of the scale and price of the project. Below are a few of the more difficult […]

Most Popular Classic Cars to Restore

by Jose Chavez

Any classic car will look good when it is restored, no matter what condition it might have been in initially. Some classic cars, however, have a certain universal appeal that makes them more popular for restoration projects. Cars that were either extremely rare or exclusive when they were first released are now worth far more […]

Benefits of Installing New Windows in Your Classic Car

by Jose Chavez
classic car window replacement

Having the proper glass in car windows is an important and often forgotten feature in the safety of your automobile. People underestimate the structural integrity that glass provides a car. In a collision, the front windshield can provide up to 45% of the support of the cabin, and if the car rolls over, as much […]