Boat Upholstery Restoration

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Top 5 Classic Boats

by Jose Chavez

For a collector, finding that dream acquisition is often a lifelong goal. Boat collectors spend many years of their lives looking for those classic boats that have been featured in classic movies and television shows of the past. If you are going to get involved in collecting boats, then you need to be familiar with […]

Why Boats Need Different Carpet

by Jose Chavez

The Water is Obviously a Problem Boat carpets come with a much thicker and more refined rubber backing to prevent water from getting to the deck of your boat. Most boat decks are made of wood, and a carpet that allows water to get to the boat deck will warp that deck over time. The […]

Finding the Right Upholstery Shop for Your Classic Car or Boat

by Jose Chavez

Upholstery is a part of a classic car or boat that usually needs attention every few years. If you drive your classic car around town a lot, then you will eventually wear the material down to where it needs to be replaced. The water and salt in the air can have a negative effect on […]

How Repairing Boat Upholstery Can Maintain a Boat’s Value

by Jose Chavez

Any boat that is used frequently will show wear and tear over time. The sun beating down on the upholstery can cause the color to fade and the material to weaken. A boat’s upholstery will also see deterioration through regular use, especially if people are bringing salt water onto the boat and covering the seats […]

What Makes a Boat a Classic?

by Jose Chavez

Plenty has been written on purchasing classic cars to restore, but today we’ll cover the topic of finding classic boats to purchase and restore. There are a few key ways to tell if a boat is a classic which are discussed below. We also cover some ways to tell if your classic boat has been […]

How Long Can I Drive with a Cracked Window?

by Jose Chavez
windshield replacement

An errant bird or flying rock nicks your windshield and suddenly there’s a chip or a crack. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and there was nothing you could’ve done to prevent it. The damage is done, but it doesn’t look too bad, or does it? For driver and passenger safety, it’s […]

Most Challenging Aspects of Car Restoration

by Jose Chavez

When undertaking a restoration, there are many challenges to keep any car enthusiast engaged and excited about his or her project. However, some aspects of automobile restoration are more difficult than others, either because of their complexity or because of the scale and price of the project. Below are a few of the more difficult […]

Common Boat Upholstery Problems

by Jose Chavez

Like all seat and carpet materials, boat upholstery experiences problems from time to time. Because boats are more exposed to the elements, fabric is subject to damage on a more frequent basis than in automobiles. The following are some of the problems affecting boat upholstery and how to prevent or address them: Fading. A boat’s […]