All Glass and Upholstery knows how to solve boat upholstery damage problems resulting from any type of harsh conditions. Sun, wind, and rain wreak havoc on boats, and many companies charge exorbitant amounts for repair.

Not only do our services provide the best financial deal, they eliminate years of damage. We can ensure your boat looks its best, just in time for your next trip out on the lake, ocean, or river.

What We Do

At All Glass and Upholstery, we are prepared to fix the upholstery on any part of your boat. From external fixtures like seats, tops, and engine covers, to internal elements like beds, carpet, and more, our team is equipped with the right tools and materials to make your boat look several years younger.

We work with your existing materials whenever possible to restore them to like-new condition, including vinyl, marine, and fabric boat upholstery. If a boat’s upholstery is too damaged to restore, we can add new upholstery that will last for many years.

Our team can also tell you how best to preserve your newly restored upholstery. With these tips, you will avoid making an additional financial investment on your boat’s upholstery.

All Glass and Upholstery also provides extensive professional upholstery cleaning when a boat is suffering from moisture damage. This step is important in the restoration process because it dictates how successful the following restoration will be in the long run.

We understand how important it is to preserve the original upholstery on a classic boat. We work hard to restore the original materials to their former glory so our customers can enjoy their treasures for a little longer. We take pride in our ability to reconnect the fibers of a boat’s upholstery to reconstruct the beauty of its original craftsmanship.

At All Glass and Upholstery, we pledge to educate our customers to help them take care of their boat upholstery and make their boats look their best. Your boat is a significant investment. Let us help you protect it.