At All Glass and Upholstery, we can handle any car window replacement job. We will deliver and install glass for your automobile and are experienced at repairing and replacing glass on classic cars and boats. Custom made glass is available in a variety of tints and types, with patterns for most classic car windows and windshields available.

Damaged car windows not only risk driver safety, they reduce the aesthetic and monetary value of the automobile. Whether the damage is superficial or a risk to the structural integrity of the window and the safety of the car’s occupants, All Glass and Upholstery is able to fix the problem.

When glass breaks in a car with properly installed and functioning windows, the occupants are protected from the shards of glass. Auto glass breaks differently from typical window glass and will not generally cause serious injury to drivers or passengers during an accident. Furthermore, good auto glass will help keep the car roof from collapsing and crushing passengers if the car were to roll over.

Classic Car Windows

Some classic cars that were built in the beginning of the last century may still have old glass that does not provide the same levels of safety as modern automobile windows. If the car were to be in an accident, not only would the damage to the car be enormously expensive to repair, but the injury to the driver could be fatal simply because of the chance of a window shattering.

If a driver wishes to continue driving his or her vintage automobile, a glass replacement from All Glass and Upholstery would help keep him or her safe on the road. We specialize in the location and replacement of windows for classic cars, no matter the condition of the automobile.

Laminated and Tempered Glass

There are two basic types of automotive glass that are used in modern car windows and windshields: laminated glass and tempered glass. Both types are made to be shatterproof to reduce the risk of the driver or passengers being injured by glass shards in an accident. Automobile windows are designed to take more stress than typical glass so they can withstand higher levels of damage before breaking completely.

Laminated glass is primarily used in car windshields, and is made up of two sheets of glass separated by a layer of clear vinyl. The glass is superheated when manufactured, allowing it to be more resistant to damage from collisions. If the glass is broken, it will not fall in shards or splinters. The layer of vinyl holds the broken glass in place, protecting the occupants of the car.

Tempered glass is made by a process of quick cooling and is used in the rest of an automobile’s windows. The cooling of the glass directly after formation makes the glass incredibly strong, resisting high levels of tensile and compressive stress. When tempered glass is broken, it crumbles into dull pieces that are far less dangerous than the stereotypical shards of glass.

For all types of auto glass repair, contact All Glass and Upholstery today.