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The Best Places to Buy Classic Cars

by Jose Chavez

For many classic car enthusiasts, finding the perfect car is the same as going on a treasure hunt. In most cases, the car you want is not readily available in a dealer’s lot in your neighborhood. It takes a lot of searching and patience to find the perfect classic car, and to get started you […]

Classic Car Spotlight: 1960 Impala

by Jose Chavez

There was a time not too long ago when Chevys made between 1958 and 1963 were not in such high demand by collectors. Over the past few years, Chevys that were made between 1959 and 1961 have started to become popular among younger collectors. One of the models that has been elevated to classic car […]

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Classic Car

by Jose Chavez

Buying that first classic car is not just a purchase; it is an experience. Right from the beginning, you know that you are getting involved in something special, but you should also remember that you are getting involved with something that can become expensive as well. Instead of being intimidated by the potential costs, you […]

Different Types of Headliner Fabric for Classic Cars

by Jose Chavez

The headliner of a car is basically the ceiling of the cabin. When you look up, you are looking directly at the headliner. As cars have evolved over the years, so did the headliner. The headliner is used to provide insulation from sound, protect the wires that run across the ceiling of the car, and […]

Can Upholstery Foam Have An Affect On Your Health?

by Jose Chavez

When a car is driven and enjoyed by its owner, there will be certain types of wear and tear that can become problematic over time. The body of the car will need a new coat of protectant to fend off bugs and other threats to the car’s surface, and the windows may need to be […]

Why Boats Need Different Carpet

by Jose Chavez

The Water is Obviously a Problem Boat carpets come with a much thicker and more refined rubber backing to prevent water from getting to the deck of your boat. Most boat decks are made of wood, and a carpet that allows water to get to the boat deck will warp that deck over time. The […]

Getting Your Classic Car to Look It’s Best

by Jose Chavez

Even if you never drive your classic car, the elements can sometimes cause imperfections that will need to be taken care of quickly. If you do drive your classic car, then wear and tear is inevitable and a part of getting the most out of your vehicle. When your vintage vehicle starts to show signs […]

Dangers Behind DIY Car Windshield Repair

by Jose Chavez

You are driving along and a branch falls from a tree and smashes into your car’s windshield. After getting your car under control, you are able to pull over and assess the damage. You figure that it is just a windshield, and replacing it should be easy with a DIY kit that you saw on […]

Finding the Right Upholstery Shop for Your Classic Car or Boat

by Jose Chavez

Upholstery is a part of a classic car or boat that usually needs attention every few years. If you drive your classic car around town a lot, then you will eventually wear the material down to where it needs to be replaced. The water and salt in the air can have a negative effect on […]

How Repairing Boat Upholstery Can Maintain a Boat’s Value

by Jose Chavez

Any boat that is used frequently will show wear and tear over time. The sun beating down on the upholstery can cause the color to fade and the material to weaken. A boat’s upholstery will also see deterioration through regular use, especially if people are bringing salt water onto the boat and covering the seats […]