Classic cars are popular due to their unique design. Classic vehicles were created in an analog world, where car designers actually used paper and pen to create shapes. These designs were – and still are – uniquely beautiful. Classic cars belong in an age where many people fondly look back on, where designers weren’t stifled due to aerodynamic drag coefficients, and local and federal regulation.

While most modern cars are superior to classic cars in almost every engineering and mechanical way, classic cars will always win the battle of aesthetics. Thankfully there are certain modern updates you can implement into your classic car. You’ll be able to enjoy the aesthetics of a classic car while taking advantage of modern amenities.

Updates To Your Classic Car

Electronic ignition. It’s most likely that your vehicle has a points ignition system, which was designed to switch the coil on and off. However, parts deteriorate, leading to issues with starting the vehicle. An electronic ignition system provides reliable performance.

Modern safety belts. Safety belts are a safety feature that is sometimes taken for granted. However, they are essential in making sure that you have a safe ride. You can purchase and have a professional install lap-shoulder belts that will fit your classic car.

Disc brakes. Classic cars typically use drum brakes. Drum brakes do not perform well under wet conditions, with water collecting inside when driving over puddles. This can create a dangerous situation where the drum brakes will not perform well in these conditions.

Disc brakes are superior in more ways than one. They perform better under varied conditions, and they are easy to inspect since you do not have to remove the wheels in order to check the system.

New and improved tires. Classic cars use bias-ply tires. Radials were introduced into the market in the 1970s and quickly became the standard. These tires have improved steering, cornering, and most important, traction with the road. Keep in mind that if your wheels were made before 1975, then radials can actually cause cracks due to pressure on the wheels. The Equipment Market Association suggests swapping your wheel-sets to be compatible with radials.

Air conditioning. Air conditioning is another piece of equipment that is sometimes looked over or taken for granted. Classic cars were not always designed with an onboard air cooling system. Installing a modern air conditioning system is ideal.

Steering. The steering system on a classic car feels less precise and might lack the proper input for power assist. Older vehicles had steering wheels that made it difficult to turn at slow speeds. While ambitious, your steering mechanism can be swapped out for a modern one, or with a version of the modern rack-and-pinion power steering.

Electronic engine fan. Mechanical fans engage and disengage due to how fast the motor is spinning. That means that your car can sit idle in a traffic jam, and its engine will overheat. You can solve this problem by installing an electric engine fan. These will engage, regardless of the car’s speed.

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