Did you know that you could be making extra income from your classic car by renting it out? Before you dismiss the idea because you would never rent out your classic car, you might want to give the idea a second chance. There is an app call DriveShare that is designed to allow classic car owners to safely rent out their cars for a profit and feel secure about the process at the same time.

Why Should I Trust Someone Else With My Classic Car?

When someone rents a classic car from DriveShare, they are not a stranger off the street. Every renter has to go through a thorough background check that is done by DriveShare and its insurance company. If there is anything questionable about a potential renter’s background, they are not allowed to rent. The background check looks into a variety of subjects such as driving record, insurance claims, and criminal records.

What If I Don’t Trust Potential Renter Who Has Passed The Background Check?

As the classic car owner, you have every right to ask your own background check questions and deny any renter. The process used by DriveShare is a negotiation between the owner and the renter where both parties have to agree to the terms of the agreement, including the price, before the deal is finalized. Once a contract has been signed, the owner and renter get together to go over the terms and get the renter on the road.

What If I Only Want To Rent My Car Out For Special Events?

With DriveShare, classic car owners can choose to rent out their vehicles however they want. You can rent your car out to drivers, or you can rent your car to be a prop in a photo shoot or a video. Some people want to have a classic car or two at their wedding, and that is another way you can generate income. If your interior needs a refresh, consider classic car upholstery restoration. That will boost the amount of money you’ll fetch for each rental.

What If My Car Has A Problem?

The DriveShare app offers a roadside assistance program specifically designed for classic cars. All technicians who go out on emergency calls have classic car experience, and each flatbed tow truck is equipped with special soft straps that avoid any scratches to the vehicle bodies. If there ever is an issue with the car, you as the owner can designate where the car is taken when it is towed.

What Happens If The Driver Gets A Ticket Or Some Other Traffic Violation?

The driver of the vehicle, the renter, is responsible for any traffic infractions they incur while renting your car. If you receive a violation in the mail (most jurisdictions mail speeding tickets captured by police cameras and parking tickets to the vehicle owner), then you would contact DriveShare to have the issue handled immediately.

What Does This Service Cost?

The only fee DriveShare takes is a 35 percent cut of your total rental fee. This cut covers all support costs, insurance, and use of the service. Since it is DriveShare that finds you renters and has put together a comprehensive set of support services, 35 percent is a reasonable fee to pay. What if harm happens to your vehicle? Insurance will pay for any repair from an automotive window replacement to a new paint job. Also, you set the rental rates, which means you can make as much money as you want.

If you have a classic car that you like to drive, then why not generate some extra income by allowing others to enjoy your car as well? DriveShare is an app specifically created to help choosy classic car owners make extra money by renting their vehicle to people who are screened using a very thorough background check process. This can be a great way for your classic car to earn you an extra income and maybe allow you to buy more classic cars in the process.