For a collector, finding that dream acquisition is often a lifelong goal. Boat collectors spend many years of their lives looking for those classic boats that have been featured in classic movies and television shows of the past. If you are going to get involved in collecting boats, then you need to be familiar with the top classic boats that are on every collector’s wish list.

1932 Gar Wood 28-foot Triple Cockpit Runabout Hornet

The 1932 Gar Wood is the boat that has been used to represent motor boats of the rich for a long, long time. Whenever you see a rich person in a motor boat on a sitcom or television series, they are usually in a 1932 Gar Wood. The entire run of Gar Wood 28-foot boats ran from 1932 to 1940, but what makes the 1932 version so desirable is that only seven were ever made. It would take a lot of money to get the 1932 Gar Wood and probably even more to try and restore it, but many collectors would consider the expense well worth it.

1955 Century Coronado

The 1955 Century Coronado was a hardtop speed boat that could do 55 MPH on the open water. Back in 1955, that was one of the fastest boats available. The Coronado was called the “Cadillac of the waters” because of its sleek design, its speed, and the fact that it looked like a Cadillac. Century even put a Cadillac-looking logo on the Coronado to emphasize the comparison. While many collectors consider the 1959 Coronado to be the best of the line, the 1955 is a collector’s dream because it was the first.

1966 Riva Super Aquarama

This two-engine wooden boat was built for speed and power at a time when everyone wanted speed and power. With its 60-liter fresh water tank and sleeping accommodations for two, it was also built for a luxurious day on the open waters. As speed boats go, the Aquarama is bigger than most with an intimidating design meant to cut through the water. This is one of those boats that has a lot of surprises that are not easily seen on first glance. These special boats can run as much as $775,000 USD and are available in limited quantities.

1930 Hackercraft 30-foot Triple Cockpit Runabout

For boat collectors who dream about owning the biggest and most luxurious classic boat, we offer the 1930 Hackercraft 30-foot Triple Cockpit Runabout. Along with being very rare, these boats are valued for their smooth ride and luxurious accommodations. There is enough room for up to 10 people, and its original 200 horsepower engine offered a smooth and steady ride. While these boats are not that expensive when compared to the others, they are very hard to find.

1938 19-foot Chris Craft Sportsman

In 1938, Chris Craft debuted a boat that would turn out to be a juggernaut for the company. The perfect blend of speed, comfort, and power in the 1938 Sportsman is what made it so popular with consumers. It has a backward facing seat that can be used for fishing or passengers, and it has a very sleek look that still turns heads to this day.

Collecting boats can be an expensive hobby. If you choose to collect the classic boats, then you should spend some time understand what makes the classics so popular among the die-hard collectors.