Driving with dirty windows is not only dangerous, but it also looks bad. When people think about cleaning their car windows, they often reach for the ammonia-based cleaners they have in their home. The problem is that ammonia is one substance you do not want in or near your car, much less using to clean the windows. Once you learn the truth about ammonia and the many other ways to safely clean your car windows, you will never buy ammonia-based products again.

The Problem With Ammonia

There are several problems with using ammonia as a cleaner for your car windows. For one thing, ammonia will dry out rubber, vinyl, plastic, and leather. When you look at the materials that surround your car windows, it is obvious the kind of damage ammonia can do.

Over time, ammonia will start to break down window tinting causing it to break apart and start peeling. After cleaning your tinted windows with ammonia for several months, you will have to spend hundreds of dollars getting your windows re-tinted.

Ammonia is, by nature, a hazardous substance. In theory, the amount of ammonia you use to clean your car windows is not dangerous. But when that ammonia starts to build up after months of cleaning the interior of your windows, the ammonia starts to create a dangerous and invisible gas. In the hot weather, that gas is intensified to the point where driving with your air conditioning on could be hazardous to your health.

How The Pros Clean Car Windows

Professionals invest in products that are specifically designed to clean car windows. These products do not break down window tint, and they do not create a dangerous cloud inside the car. They spray the cleaner on a window cleaning towel, and then apply the cleaner to the windows one window at a time. When one window is done, they use the second towel to remove the excess cleaner and avoid streaks. Pros will also clean the front and rear windows one half at a time.

Microfiber Towels And Water

Microfiber towels are special towels that can remove debris from a window without the use of any cleaning substances. But if you want to get a real deep clean with a microfiber towel, then moisten one side of the towel and slowly wipe your windows clean one at a time. As you finish wiping your windows down with the moistened side of the towel, you can flip the towel over to remove any excess water and prevent streaking.

Using a microfiber towel as a way to finish any cleaning job on your car will leave your car looking spotless. These towels are specially designed to be able to remove moisture or residue without damaging your car’s surface or your windows. If you really want a professional look to your windows, then use a microfiber towel.

Cleaning your car windows is an easy process, but only if you use the right materials. You should avoid ammonia-based home cleaners and invest in products specifically designed to properly clean your windows. When you clean up with microfiber towels, you get a result that you cannot beat.