It is common for classic car owners to want to show off their vehicles at car shows locally, and around the country. Owners feel a strong sense of pride when their vehicles get noticed by the throngs of people who usually attend car shows. The strongest feeling of pride usually comes from the compliments given by fellow collectors, especially the collectors known for showing off the highest quality vehicles.

When car show season comes around, it is time to attend to the little details that will make your car sparkle for the crowds. There is plenty of work to be done before you can show your vehicle, and it is important to rely on experienced professionals for the more technical work.

Get the Interior Looked Over



If you like to drive your classic car, chances are the wear and tear will show up in your car’s upholstery. Any small tear in the seat needs to be addressed, and it needs to look showroom quality when the repair is done.

The glass on your car needs to meet the original specifications and look flawless. It is a good idea to get your car to a professional glass and upholstery shop that has experience in dealing with classic cars. An expert can look your car over and tell you what needs to be repaired and/or replaced.

Have Your Paperwork Ready

Many of the bigger car shows will not admit classic cars that do not come with all of their associated paperwork such as the purchase agreement, maintenance receipts and repair receipts. You will need to show that you own the vehicle, and that you have put the necessary time and effort into its upkeep.



Preparing Your Vehicle

There are two prerequisites to having a good show car:

  1. You need to have original equipment, and
  2. You need to have a car so clean is sparkles

Over the years, parts of a car can break or deteriorate, so it is expected that your car many not have all of its factory parts. But when you replace the damaged radio, you need to make sure that you put a replica of the original radio back in its place.

You need to detail the complete interior and exterior of your car in anticipation of a car show. From cleaning the undercarriage to detailing the engine, everything about your classic car needs to look showroom fresh. There can be no dirt on the engine or garbage on the floor of your vehicle if you want it to do well at a car show.

Transporting Your Vehicle

The best way to transport your classic car to a car show is to use a trailer with a closed floor to prevent dirt and debris from getting to the undercarriage. Always cover your vehicle completely during transport, and avoid driving your classic car any appreciable distance. Driving the car will create engine dirt and attract bugs and other debris to the exterior.

Many classic car owners look forward to that feeling of pride that comes from having attendees of a car show compliment their vehicle. If you take the right steps to prepare your classic car for car shows, then you are sure to get plenty of good feedback from collectors and enthusiasts.