clean-interior-classic-carsYou love your classic car and you even take it out for a drive from time to time. Regardless of how much you use your classic car, you still want to perform routine maintenance to keep that showroom look. When it comes to taking care of the upholstery and fabric on your classic car, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to get the best possible results.

Ongoing Maintenance

Whenever you get the chance, you should run a dry and clean cloth over your leather and vinyl features to prevent debris from building up. This will keep your seats and other interior features looking great, and it will also prevent sand and other particles from collecting on your classic car leather and potentially causing damage.

With fabric, an upholstery vacuum cleaner or a light whisk broom a couple of times a month will help to keep that debris from building up. Remember that small particles of dirt and sand have sharp edges that can cut leather and fabric, which is why ongoing maintenance is so important.

Cleaning Leather or Vinyl

Leather and vinyl can be cleaned with a combination of warm water and neutral soap, or you can invest in cleaners specifically designed for leather and vinyl upholstery. Use a soft cloth to apply the combination of warm water and cleaner, but do not apply the solution directly. The first step is to load up the cloth with the solution, and then apply the solution to the leather or vinyl.

Be liberal with applying the cleaning solution, but try not to get too much on your cloth features. As soon as you have given your leather and vinyl a good scrubbing, use a dry and soft towel to remove any excess moisture and solution.

Cleaning Fabric

If it is at all possible to have a extra patch of the fabric that has been installed in your classic car available to test various cleaning solutions, then you can save yourself a lot of stress. If you do not have any extra fabric, then choose a spot that is not easily seen to test every cleaner before you use it.

A stain on your classic car’s fabric surfaces needs to be removed carefully and immediately. You should have fabric cleaners on hand that are designed to handle specific types of stains to be able to salvage your car’s look. Carefully dab approved cleaners on the fabric, and quickly remove any excess with a dry towel.

For regular monthly cleanings, do not use water-based solutions. Too much water on your fabric will weaken the fabric and discolor it. Instead, find cleaning solutions that are designed to work specifically with car fabric and always use them in a well-ventilated area.


If you are the kind of classic car owner who worries over every detail of your car, then there is nothing wrong with having the upholstery cleaned once a month by a professional. You can manage the dry cloth cleanings to keep debris from settling into your upholstery, and then you can leave the auto detailing to an expert. A professional cleaner can also alert you to any issues with your upholstery and give you a reliable estimate to get the problem taken care of quickly.