For many classic car enthusiasts, finding the perfect car is the same as going on a treasure hunt. In most cases, the car you want is not readily available in a dealer’s lot in your neighborhood. It takes a lot of searching and patience to find the perfect classic car, and to get started you need to know where those gems are found.


Car shows are popular for two primary reasons; they are great places to see classic cars, and they are great ways to meet classic car collectors. If you are looking for the car of your dreams, then it is possible that it is in the garage of a collector who frequents your local car shows.

Networking with collectors is a great way to either find the car you want, or get a hot lead on someone who may have your perfect car. You can network with collectors locally, and you can get online and join large networks of collectors who are always looking to make or receive a great deal.


One of the fastest growing preferred ways to buy classic cars is online. Many of the larger car clubs have developed elaborate networks of buyers who are ready to sell you the car you have been looking for. The car club websites will set you up with an experience and reliable car inspector and car shipper to make sure that your transaction goes smoothly.


classic car auctionAny kind of auction is a great place to find a classic car that you can get for pennies on the dollar. Whether you choose to use an online auction or go to a live auction, you will have an opportunity to find the car you want.

If you choose to go to a live auction, you can also network with other collectors and expand that valuable collector’s network we discussed earlier. But you should also not shy away from online auctions because you can make your payment contingent upon the inspector giving you a positive report on the vehicle.

Car Dealers

We mentioned earlier that car dealers are not a great option for finding good classic cars, but that does not mean you should ignore dealers completely. On rare occasions, car dealerships will have someone wanting to trade in a classic car to put towards the purchase of a new vehicle. To make sure that you are the one the dealerships call when they get an opportunity such as this, you need to go to all of the dealers in your area with a business card and explain that you would be willing to help them out if they ever get a classic car trade-in.

Estate Sales

Finding a great classic car through an estate sale is even more rare than finding one through a dealership, but it does happen. As with the car dealers in your area, you need to become friendly with the estate sale companies in your area and let them know that you would be happy to give them an estimate on any classic cars they may be selling.

To find treasure in your classic car treasure hunt, you need be as many places as you can at once. By getting involved in collector networks and putting your name on the minds of car dealerships and estate sales companies, you will have the connections you need to get a great classic car. Don’t forget to contact All Glass & Upholstery if you need some work done to your new classic car!

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