When a car is driven and enjoyed by its owner, there will be certain types of wear and tear that can become problematic over time. The body of the car will need a new coat of protectant to fend off bugs and other threats to the car’s surface, and the windows may need to be repaired or replaced depending on the degree of cracks or chips the windows have sustained.

With the interior of a car, it is the seats and the upholstery that degenerates over time. When a window cracks, you can almost ignore it until you can get it fixed. But when the foam and support mechanisms in your seats start to go, that can have a long-term negative effect on your health. Back pain and bad posture are the direct results of not properly maintaining your classic vehicle’s seats. It is a problem you shouldn’t ignore, especially if you take your classic car for cross country rides.

Supporting Your Body While Driving

Your posture is a direct result of the way in which you sit in a chair or seat under a variety of conditions. A car that is not in motion tends to be easy on your back, and helps you to maintain good posture. But if the seats in your car need maintenance, then the damage that driving can do on your body can all but ruin your posture.

According to SpineUniverse.com, the pressure put on various parts of your body while your car is in motion depend on the speed of the vehicle, and other factors such as the number and types of turns you take. If your car seat is properly maintained, then your body can absorb this extra pressure with no problem. But if the support mechanisms and foam in your seats require attention, then your back and posture will suffer the more you drive your car.

Pressure Ulcers

Poor foam and weak upholstery can create what are known as pressure ulcers at the points where your seat meets your body. If a support mechanism on your seat is no longer providing the proper amount of support, then your seat will aggravate your skin and the tissue underneath your skin at the point of contact. If your seat is no longer able to support your body in a comfortable way because the foam has given out, then you could get pressure ulcers at various points of your body.

Pressure ulcers are extremely painful, and they can occur on the surface of the skin or in the tissue just below the surface. They are painful on contact, and they can make driving your classic car almost impossible. Well maintained seats and upholstery will prevent pressure ulcers and allow you to continue to enjoy your vehicle.

All Glass & Upholstery can take care of your seats and make sure that your back and entire body get the support you need. We can replace your worn out foam, weld the damaged support mechanisms on your seat, and put new upholstery on your seat that will enhance the support your body gets. Instead of allowing your worn out seats to ruin your posture and harm your back, we recommend you bring your car to us and let us give your back the support it needs to enjoy the drive in your classic car.