The Water is Obviously a Problem

Boat carpets come with a much thicker and more refined rubber backing to prevent water from getting to the deck of your boat. Most boat decks are made of wood, and a carpet that allows water to get to the boat deck will warp that deck over time. The back of standard outdoor deck carpeting is nowhere near thick enough to prevent water from ruining your deck.

Textured to Handle the Abuse

If you were to put boat carpet and deck carpet side by side, you would immediately notice that the boat carpet has an enhanced texture to it. This texture helps the carpet to withstand the kind of persistent foot traffic boats get, and helps the carpet to last a long time.

Boats experience a wide variety of foot traffic from casual shoes to heavy and wet fishing boots. Boat carpeting also has to have a way to disperse the salt, sand, and other debris that people bring on-board with their shoes. The texture gives boat carpeting the ability to withstand boat foot traffic that would quickly destroy other types of carpets.

Choosing the Right Carpet

Boat carpets come in different grades based on the density of the carpet fibers. A 20oz carpet has double the amount of fibers found in a 10oz carpet, and that makes the 20oz carpet more durable. You could spend the extra money to buy the thicker carpet, but is it necessary? Fishing boats usually require the thicker carpet, while boats used for pleasure cruising would be just fine with the less expensive version.

Boat owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their boats, and installing new carpet can seem like an easy and quick way to bring a breath of fresh air to the deck of a boat. But if you use the wrong carpet, then you could do a lot more harm than good.

A good boat carpet will protect your deck from regular foot traffic. Be sure that you get the right type of boat carpet for your deck. A professional boat upholstery shop should be able to advise you on exactly what you need and will also be able to install the carpet properly so that you can get the most lifespan out of it.