Even if you never drive your classic car, the elements can sometimes cause imperfections that will need to be taken care of quickly. If you do drive your classic car, then wear and tear is inevitable and a part of getting the most out of your vehicle.

When your vintage vehicle starts to show signs of wear, then it is time to think about doing some restoration work to retain the look and value of your vehicle. You put so much time and work into your classic car that it would be a shame to let some of the more common signs of wear and tear go unattended. The sooner you address the issues, the less the repairs will cost.


If you own a classic car that was built before manufacturers started using laminated glass, then you may want to replace the windshield before you start seeing cracks and chips. The older windshields will become dangerous in the event of an accident, and cracks or chips in any windshield will inevitably lead to bigger problems down the road.

For the classic car that has the older windshield, replacement is the only way to properly take care of windshield wear and tear. For chips and small cracks on laminated glass, you should get that car to an auto glass professional to have the blemish taken care of before it turns into a larger crack. For regular wear and tear on a more contemporary windshield, it is not always necessary to take on the expense of a full windshield repair.

Tears In The Upholstery

When you store your classic car, always keep it in a place that is out of direct sunlight to prevent the paint from fading and preserve the upholstery. When you do drive your classic car, it is a good idea to have seat covers to help protect that delicate and valuable upholstery on your seats.

If you get your classic car to a professional upholsterer while there are still just cracks or tears in the surface, then the upholstery can be repaired. Smooth upholstery not only looks great, it is also more comfortable for you and your passengers. Too many classic car owners do not realize that upholstery can be repaired, and they allow their damaged upholstery to get to the point where it needs to be completely replaced. Have an expert look over your upholstery, and make sure that your seats always look and feel their best.

Caring For The Body

Any expert car restorer will tell you that maintaining a classic car is a series of little jobs that need to be done on a revolving basis. When you maintain the body of your classic car, be sure to use products that are designed to give you the best results. If you try to use cheaper cleaning and surface maintenance products, then you could damage your car’s body.

As part of your wear and tear maintenance, you should take your classic car to a qualified body shop a couple of times a year to see if there are any rust spots starting. When you allow an expert to take care of rust spots when they are just starting, then you can save a whole lot of money in body restoration work.

The people who drive their classic cars should also be aware of the wear and tear that can happen from regular use. It is important to preserve your investment in your classic car by getting the wear and tear taken care of by professionals at least once or twice a year.