You are driving along and a branch falls from a tree and smashes into your car’s windshield. After getting your car under control, you are able to pull over and assess the damage. You figure that it is just a windshield, and replacing it should be easy with a DIY kit that you saw on the Internet. But doing it yourself would be a very bad decision. Not only are you putting your family in danger by doing the replacement yourself, but you may also be spending money you do not need to spend.

Your Windshield Is Extremely Important

A properly installed windshield is designed to withstand a tremendous amount of force to protect you and your family. If your windshield had not been properly installed, then that branch would have made its way into your car and caused a lot more damage.

An improperly mounted windshield will normally pop out from your vehicle in a collision instead of staying in place like a windshield should. If your car rolls and the windshield pops out, then your vehicle will not be able to support its own weight and you could be crushed inside. The same could happen if that large branch had landed on top of your vehicle and the windshield popped out. The force of the impact would crush the cabin of your vehicle and that could result in a fatal accident.

An Improperly Installed Windshield Does Not Need Much Of An Impact To Fall Out

The proper installation of a windshield requires special binding materials and gloves. If certain precise parts of the installation go wrong, then your windshield is not going to be as secure as it needs to be. Your do it yourself installation may be so weak that even a simple fender-bender could cause it to fall out.

A professionally installed windshield is durable enough to protect you and your family from the many surprises such as birds and even product falling from trucks that can happen on the road. But when you do it yourself, those unexpected obstacles could cause your windshield to implode into your vehicle and cause serious damage and injuries.

Consider The Details

If your windshield is improperly installed, then something as simple as taking a speed bump too fast could cause a crack that can spread. When professionals install a windshield, they take extra care to seal the windshield completely and make sure that it is properly set on the vehicle. When the windshield is not set properly by someone saving a few dollars on a repair, then there are gaps in the sealant and the windshield sets unbalanced on the vehicle. That is just one way that cracks get started.

An improperly sealed windshield can potentially allow water into your vehicle when it rains, snows, or when you take the vehicle to the car wash. It would be frustrating to wake up after a rainstorm to see that the entire interior of your car is ruined because of a faulty windshield.

Your best choice when it comes to getting a windshield installed properly is to contact a professional. All Glass and Upholstery offers custom made glass in a variety of tints and types to ensure that your new windshield is the perfect fit for your vehicle.