Upholstery is a part of a classic car or boat that usually needs attention every few years. If you drive your classic car around town a lot, then you will eventually wear the material down to where it needs to be replaced. The water and salt in the air can have a negative effect on your boat upholstery, and just the water alone in freshwater areas can cause plenty of damage.

After a while, you will want to fix the wear and tear on your upholstery. Since the boat or car means a lot to you, it is important to choose the right person to do the work. We have a few tips you can follow to help you find just the right person to restore your upholstery and give your car or boat the look you want.

Pick a Professional

If there is one rule that every boat or classic car owner should follow, it is to only allow a professional to work on their upholstery. Your friend who does car or boat upholstery as a hobby is not going to do your vehicle justice, and they may even do more harm than good. When it comes right down to it, you should plan on paying a professional to do the work for you.

The Right Type of Job

When you look for a professional to work on the upholstery on your classic car or boat, it is important that they have experience working on vehicles in your situation. Doing upholstery on a boat that is used primarily in salt water is different than a freshwater boat. If the professional you are talking to is unaware of the difference, then find one who is.

When it comes to classic cars, there are three levels of upholstery work that can be done. They are:

  • Street car
  • Show car
  • Hobby car

A street car upholstery job looks to be more durable than the others, while a show car upholstery job normally involves elaborate and pronounced stitching to show off detail. If you only use your classic car to cruise around town once in a while, then a functional job by a professional using quality materials is more than adequate.

A Custom Shop Versus a Restoration Shop

Any type of professional restoration shop can do the job on your boat or classic car, but the look you get differs with the type of shop you use. A restoration shop uses professional technicians and quality materials to get excellent results. But if you want special designs or upholstery done in a particular way, then you may be out of luck with a restoration shop.

A custom shop can get you any look you want, and can even add upholstery to areas like the doors and dashboard that is not there originally. In most cases, you will have to ask if a shop does custom work to find one that can get the results you want. But the extra effort to find the right shop is well worth it.

All Glass and Upholstery does quality custom work on your classic car or your boat. The experienced technicians at All Glass will discuss your project with you, and then deliver results that will make you want to get back on the road or the water right away.