Like all seat and carpet materials, boat upholstery experiences problems from time to time. Because boats are more exposed to the elements, fabric is subject to damage on a more frequent basis than in automobiles. The following are some of the problems affecting boat upholstery and how to prevent or address them:

  • Fading. A boat’s seats and carpets are constantly exposed to the sun when not in storage. Even if your boat has a canvas canopy, the canopy itself will fade in less time than you might think. To protect your boat from damaging UV rays, it might be necessary to replace the upholstery with specialized material that has been made to withstand the sun. If you are happy with the present upholstery and simply want to protect that classic look a little longer, consider buying a larger canopy or keeping your boat tightly covered and shaded when not in use.
  • Mildew or mold growth. Fabric on a boat is going to get wet. Whether from the boat’s spray, mist off the water, or from boaters jumping in the water and dripping on the seats and carpet, water will find a way into the seams and folds of canvas. If it is not properly dried out or allowed to sit in the sun, the damp fabric will make the perfect habitat for fungal spores.

    If mold or mildew begins growing, it could not only smell and look bad, but also cause damage to your boat’s seats and carpet. Any carpets that are beginning to grow mold should be thoroughly washed and dried as soon as possible, and if the mold has taken hold, the affected fabric will need to be replaced. Future fabric should be as water resistant as possible, and spills should be cleaned up and dried if not taken care of by the sun and wind.

  • Wear and tear. People constantly moving seats, climbing into and out of the boat with wet bathing suits, and the general traffic that boat seats and carpet receive necessitate a strong fabric. If the seams are starting to break on your boat or if the fabric is beginning to show signs of wear, consider replacing it. Even a classic boat needs to be worked on once in a while to keep it in pristine condition. If the aesthetics of your boat are important, look for fabric patterns that match the original but are made of more modern and resistant material.

Much like replacing or repairing the upholstery of a classic car, it is important to keep your boat’s upholstery in good condition. If you have concerns about making the boat as perfect as possible or if you want to have upholstery work done on a classic boat, you need to talk to a professional. At All Glass and Upholstery, we do a wide variety of repairs and replacements on classic cars and boats of all kinds. We know exactly how to take care of your boat and get it back into the pristine condition it deserves. For more information, contact us today.