classic car restoration long beachHow to Shop for a Classic Car You Plan to Restore and How to Avoid Costly Mistakes




If auto restoration is a hobby of yours, you may be looking to purchase a new classic car that you can work on. However, you want to avoid the mistakes that many car enthusiasts make and enjoy your hobby without spending a fortune.

Choose One Type of Car

Become an expert by restoring one type of car. You will learn the details about that type of car, which will make your future jobs much easier. You also learn where to purchase the best parts and tips and tricks to make the process run more smoothly.

Know the Cost

You need to look beyond the cost of purchasing a car and think about the cost of restoration. Find out ahead of time how much parts cost for specific makes and models before you buy the car. Once you are the owner of a car, it is too late to decide you should’ve bought something else. You will also want to find out how difficult it is to get those parts. If you have a rare model from the early 60s, you may  not be able to find authentic parts at a store. Instead, you may browse online auction sites or other places to find what you need.

Talk to the Experts

If you want to get into car restoration, learn from those who are already doing it like the professionals at All Glass & Upholstery who specialize in classic car restorations in Long Beach. Not only can they tell you about places to find cars that you will never find on your own, they can tell you the cars to stay away from or ones that are good for beginners. They can give you tips on locating parts and how to get the best deal. These connections you make will last you for many years and enhance the enthusiasm you have for classic cars.

Keep Shopping

Don’t expect to find what you are looking for your first time out. Be willing to spend time sifting through classifieds, online auctions, and many other places before you find “the car” for you. Your persistence will pay off when you find that dream car that is just perfect for you. However, you should expect to pay quite a bit of money from beginning to end to get a car that runs and looks like it did originally. You may even have to buy two or three cars for parts to put it all together and make it seem brand new.

Sometimes you will find a gem that looks more like a piece of junk, but be willing to look at what lies underneath all of the dirt and dinginess. Unlike a car that you drive on a regular basis, a quick clean-up will not make it look like new. You may have to take apart the car to get into every crevice and crack. This process takes dedication and time.

If you are willing to put in the work and energy, you can end up with a classic car that you are proud of. If you follow these tips, you will avoid many of the mistakes that new car restoration fans make.