Restoring a classic car may seem like a fun project to take on but it can be very difficult and take a lot of time for someone who does not do it regularly. There are five big reasons to consider having a classic car restored professionally. Reputable restoration shops will have no problem showing you some before and after photos and give you a list of references to consult with about their work.

  1. It can take a significant amount of time to restore a car to original condition. Some people use classic car restoration as a hobby but professionals do it every day. The process involves looking at original factory specifications and photographs, acquiring all of the parts and upholstery, and then putting it all together. Knowing how to repair an engine or chassis is valuable, but restoring a car is a much bigger job.
  2. Special tools and skills are needed to properly restore a classic car. People that want to see their classic car restored benefit from the knowledge and experience of restoration professionals. The best shops do not outsource anything because they want to make sure that every restoration meets their standards. Outsourcing tends to decrease the overall quality of a restoration.
  3. Artistic input helps give a personal and visually pleasing aspect to a restored car. The restoration is done to original factory specifications, but professionals may want to apply a special paint job or add something extra to the upholstery. The best restoration shops encourage some artistic license on the part of their technicians because it makes the car a little bit more special and unique.
  4. Access to materials is a common hurdle faced by people trying to restore a car. People that restore cars professionally have the time and resources to track down original parts to get the car back to the original quality. Glass and upholstery can be custom made from original materials to match the way the car looked when it was new. Other pieces and photos can take some time to find.
  5. Experience restoring cars sets the pros apart. Many people do not realize how big a job restoring a car actually is. The pros have done it before and know how to take on the task. They know how to get the parts they need, research original specifications, and get the car back to the way it should be. Most professionals have done several restorations and will provide customers with photos and people to contact about their work. They take pride in their work and want their customers to come to them knowing that their car is in good hands.

Classic car restoration is more than simple repairs and adjustments. The professionals need to have the skills and an eye for aesthetics to do the best possible work. All Glass & Upholstery is a top quality restoration shop that does not outsource work. Founded in 1954, All Glass & Upholstery provides classic car restoration services you can trust.